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We are a global group which is fighting for consumer rights all over the world. Our country specific websites provides a platform local to consumer in that country to voice their views and be heard for good. And then we provide a global consumer platform as well for reviewing sites, app and posting consumer complaints. We also value brands contribution towards a strong consumer and provide them free access to our platform brand tools in order to enhance consumer experience.

Genuine Reviews Makes Consumer Experience Better

With easy access and global reach, Internet has become a part of everyone’s life. Nowadays people search for reviews of almost everything online. By encouraging our users to write genuine reviews, we ensure that everyone has access to reviews that are neither FAKE NOR PROMOTIONAL. This helps every consumer make a better decision enhancing the consumer experience.

Absolutely FREE & FAIR Access To Brands

Our platform never charges anything from brands. We encourage them to connect with their consumers FREE OF COST with a brand account and when they help their existing consumers, they also build a good online reputation for their brand. Its a WIN-WIN situation for both consumers and brands. We never take down a review if its genuine no matter what a brand can do but at the same time, we provide a way for everyone to report fake reviews to us and if the reviewer fails to prove that the review is based on true facts, we mark it as fake. This ensures a fair play for both parties.

Help Us Build A Strong Consumer Today

When you write a genuine review about anything, you are helping every consumer make a better decision. If something is bad, everyone should know that its best to avoid it and if something is good, let’s appreciate that as well. So come, write genuine reviews and help us build a strong consumer today. Let’s expose the real truth for good!

Browse our websites to get started. If you have any questions or need any support or need to report any issues related to any website in our network, please contact us and your query will be routed to the top management if necessary.